Say Goodbye to Silverfish Invading Your Colton, CA Property

You likely won’t know you have silverfish in your property until you notice one. This is typically in the bathtub, sink or on the floor. You might also stumble across some damage they’ve done or their feces that looks similar to that of small pepper flakes.

Colton silverfish control

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What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are typically a grey, brown or bluish-silver color. They are shaped like a teardrop and average a length of 12 mm to 19 mm. They also have three distinct bristles on their rear.

Controlling and Preventing Colton Silverfish

The best way to ensure you never have a pest problem of any kind is through proper prevention measures. Knowing how to prevent these pests can help you maintain a silverfish-free property.

Silverfish will reproduce very quickly and you could have an infestation without knowing it. They tend to feed on clothing, wallpaper and paper products. They prefer dark, damp environments and can also destroy your linens. The most common rooms that have silverfish problems are attics, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements and bathrooms.

Call On Best Colton Pest Control for Silverfish Relief

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