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Do you own or manage a commercial property in the Colton, CA area? Are you aware of the risk you take by not keeping your business protected from pests? Customers are not fond of seeing a pest in any business, some worse than others; a restaurant, for example. There’s no reason to take this risk when reliable, affordable and effective Colton commercial pest control solutions are just a phone call away.

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Who We Can Help

We currently regularly service a variety of businesses in the Colton, CA area including:

  • Restaurants/Diners/Eateries
  • Grocery Stores
  • Educational Establishments
  • Government Buildings
  • Fitness Establishments
  • And More!

Regardless of what kind of property you want to keep protected from pests, we can help. Just call our helpful Colton pest specialists today at (909) 895-0011 to learn more or to schedule an inspection or service.

Common Colton Pests That Invade Commercial Properties

While the kind of business you have could definitely sway the type of pest problems you might expect to encounter, there are several common pests that put commercial properties at risk. Among these are cockroaches and rodents. There are many other common pests like spiders, ants and flies, but roaches and rodents can cause extensive damage in a short time. Not to mention they are two of the least favorite pests a customer wants to see while visiting a professional establishment of any kind.

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Not to worry if you don’t currently have any kind of pest treatment plan in place. Our Colton commercial pest specialists will be happy to assist you and help you maintain a pest-free property at all times. Just phone us at (909) 895-0011 to learn more or to schedule an inspection to receive a quote for services.

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