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It is not fun to find a beetle in your home or office. The beetle seems like a harmless insect particularly due to its tiny size.

Nonetheless, this insect can in fact invade your home or office when they began to breed and multiply. Ultimately, you will find these insects sneaking in your closets and destroying your clothes, or even skulking in your kitchen, locating food to support their existence.

They could also bring threat to you and your family's well-being by scattering various kinds of illnesses, by polluting the utensils you use for eating or the food itself.

You should call in your pest control specialist when you see the pest or the sign of the same. To identify where these pests are concealing in your home or office, this specialist will check any feasible indications of bug invasion. After they see any bug invasion, they'll go on to the specific elimination.

Beetle Identification

To effectively perform a beetle pest control method, even so, it's important to find out how to determine this insect first.

To identify a beetle, this is a brief description of a beetle's physical characteristics:

Body Parts:

The beetle has three body parts, including the head, thorax, and abdomen. You could identify a beetle apart from the others by considering the presence of these three body parts.

Check the number of legs on the insect. There must be six legs.


To be able to protect itself against any predators, the beetle has a tough exoskeleton. In order to decide a beetle, it's also an essential factor to look for its exoskeleton. Each species has a different kind of the outer skeleton, and the skilled worker will tell what species are in your house.


Beetles have different colors on their exoskeleton. Their colors can vary with respect to the kind of beetle that you may find or is present in your home. Other beetles can have bright colored exoskeleton, while some may possess gloomy colored body. The exoskeletons reflect light at different wavelengths. By using this attribute, the exterminator will then be able to identify properly the kind of beetle present in your premises.


You may also find unique patterns on the exoskeleton of beetles. Experts in figuring out the different kinds of beetles similarly use these patterns.

Flea Beetles

The flea beetle has a tendency to jump like a flea when under threat.

After a season of feeding, a beetle will start laying eggs during hot season. In the larvae stage, beetles will feed on roots of plants. At adult stage, however, beetles will feed on foliage.

This kind of species can cause severe damage to leafy plants. It likes to feast upon youthful plants, and it can be devastating on the farm. Once you notice these pests, call in a beetle elimination expert quickly.

You will notice their pest invasion if you discover any damages in the leaves of your vegetation. These insects will silently creep into your plants and fly around different areas, searching for available food. You might also observe small holes on the leaves of plants, which are brought on by these insects as well.

The adult flea beetle overwinters in the wooded areas and is a threat once the planting season is emerging.

Once the plants mature and the leaves become thicker, it would be hard for beetles to chew on them. However, once the beetle infests a mature plant, it infects it with bacterial diseases including wilt and blight. You cannot overlook the flea beetle when you see it.

Guard your farm from these pests now by simply calling a local pest control expert.

Carpet Beetles

One of the common types of beetles that you might find in your home is the carpet beetle, which generally feed on the carpets inside your house.

They tend to wander from their source of food. The typical locations where you could find these pests crawling are on the floor and walls.

Carpets made of wool, silk and feather are the common materials that these pests may feast upon. With the plethora of meal source available in your house, the simpler for these pests to invade your home, feeding on various items aside from carpets such as your clothes, pillows, and blankets.

Luckily, just in case you have items which are only created from synthetic fabric, then you perhaps wouldn't have a bug invasion problem because beetles are not drawn to these materials. You must remember that beetles have a strong sense of smell for sweating or oils. Consequently, even when you're using synthetic materials, you need to know that these pests might still feast upon these items when they are soiled.

When these pests grew into their adult stage, their common feeding grounds are the plant life outside your home.

When beetles are in their larvae stage, the typical food for them are seeds, soiled items, and other available meal source in your kitchen. Adult beetles, on the other hand, may survive both outdoors and indoors. For female beetles, the best place to infest and procreate is where there is plenty of food for its eggs.

Dark hidden places are nevertheless the most conducive places for both the larvae and adult beetles. In this case, it would be more difficult for us to find out their concealing spots and apply beetle treatments correctly.This is why we should employ an expert exterminator since it could be more challenging for us to decide where we should apply the beetle treatments. An expert exterminator can effortlessly find the concealing spots of these pests and eradicate them using the right tools and tactics.

Customer testimonials

You have to listen to what folks have to say about the business you are going to hire. Seek out the individuals who have experienced services from the firm of your preference. The nature of feedback will give you a glimpse of what to anticipate from the service providers.

If the firm has a website, go through its reviews. Do not worry. The comments posted on their sites or Facebook pages are not sugarcoated. Therefore, it's legit and truthful. If you don't find any positive reviews, then don't hire the company. But if you do, then proceed with the deal and enjoy the result of their service.

Talk to the industry leaders who understand these services to know if the company of your choice is offering a sensible price with the quality of their service. They could help you decide whether the firm is capable of giving you the proper solution. The firms they're likely to recommend may have the probability of serving you excellently.

Make personal investigation. You could do this by interviewing a few of the locals that have used such service. Ask them if there has been any problems on the beetle exterminator you plan to employ. You are going to need to ensure that by the end of the day, your family and the ecosystem are safe.

You may ensure this by checking the client satisfaction level of the company. You are going to need to work with a business you could get in touch with and receive excellent support.

Detailed Reports

The scope of beetle extermination might include different stages. Each phase would include different activities. By the end of it all, you will require a record to show everything that took place and the resources used in each phase.

After each stage, do not forget to ask the expert to give you a written report. This report can help you see the progress of their beetle control procedures. It will also include the items the expert has used. If you want to treat your farm again in the foreseeable future, you will need to exhibit the history of previous treatments. So don't forget to ask the specialists for a detailed report to have this kind of info each time you carry out such activities.

The details in the written document will also help to show in case you have any gaps concerning the contract you signed. This is why it is critical to ask the professionals for this report to be able to get a detailed summary of their activities.

The reports will include a recording of each payment you make. It's going to show what you pay for and how much you give out. The records might help in keeping your books of accounts. It is also very dependable in tracking your payments with the company and reconciling any possible disputes in the future regarding payments.

Figuring out invasive beetles aside from other species isn't an easy task due to its small size and almost identical appearance. This is why you have to hire a specialist, who has the right skills in getting this job done. Compared to DIY solutions, experts' assistance are still trustworthy and safe, making the situation much simpler for us.

They're going to not just deal with the current pest invasion. The answer you are going to get would include a program to prevent future outbreaks.

Don't try to use chemicals that promise to solve your difficulties fast. Consult the specialists first before buying these products. If you would like to solve any pest control issues effectively, always remember to contact on a specialist exterminator.

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