Reliable Treatments for Colton Spiders

When you hear the word spider you most likely shudder and if you see one you probably freak out as do the majority of the U.S. population. Spiders aren’t pretty to look at but they can be useful in preventing other pest problems in your home. Spiders catch these pesky insects so you don’t have to worry about them but many people aren’t keen on letting spiders take over their home just to avoid other insects.

While there are 400,000 categorized spider species in the world, North American is home to 3,400 of them. Every spider has eight legs and two-piece bodies. Many times you can tell what type of spider you’re dealing with by the web they create. Unfortunately, not all spiders need a web to catch their prey.

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You can count on our expert Colton spider solutions for complete relief.

Common Colton House Spiders

The house spider will typically make a web in corners of your windows or in the attic. You might even notice several webs close together. Many people aren’t as concerned with these harmless house spiders and they rarely bother people. They aren’t poisonous but will bite if they feel threatened. House spiders are typically brown, black or tan.

Poisonous Colton Spiders

Brown recluse spiders, also known as Violin spiders are poisonous and while typically found outdoors they can be found in homes too. They typically seek to inhabit loose piles of debris when outdoors and clothing or furniture when indoors. They will only bite when threatened or disturbed so if you suspect you have a brown recluse please give Best Colton Pest Control a call right away at (909) 895-0011 so our spider control experts can take care of the problem for you. Brown recluses are 7mm to 10mm in size and have a brown-to-gray abdomen with an orange-yellow coloring on their legs. A distinct violin shape will be noticeable on their back as well.

Native Colton California Spiders

Trapdoor spiders are native to California and resemble tarantulas except in a smaller size. They get their name from the way they catch their prey. They will create a burrow in the ground and cover the opening with a silk door. When their prey comes along the spider will come out of its burrow to catch the prey. Trapdoor spiders aren’t typically found indoors but occasionally will come in. They are 20mm to 32mm in size and can be brown, yellow, or black.

Grass spiders are another common spider that we deal with in California homes and businesses. While they often make a web funnel in the grass they are known to create them in building crevices too. They range in size from 15mm to 20mm. Harmless to humans many people still don’t care to have any kind of spider invading their space.

Count On Us For Expert Colton Spider Control

Whatever kind of spider you might be dealing with in your home or business we are here to help you get rid of them. They are seeking out food which is often times why they end up indoors so many times treating other general insects can have a significant impact on your spider population as well. To learn more about our spider control services just give us a call at (909) 895-0011 today.

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