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Welcome to Best Colton Pest Control. We provide exceptional pest control services to the Colton CA area helping both companies and residents take control of pests invading their home. Our techs have experience working with the pests common to the area and understand what works and what doesn’t.


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Many of our customers call us after they have tried treating a pest issue on their own first, depending on the pest. Some pests you may find success with do-it-yourself solutions however other pests require a professional such as bed bugs or termites. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your structure and bed bugs can be traumatizing for those being invaded by them.

That’s right, bed bugs are becoming more prominent in the area and all over the world. They’re swiftly making a come-back and have many people on edge when they travel or buy used furniture; this is two common ways to unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

Businesses often call us to help with rodent, cockroach, and fly infestations. Granted some prefer to have a general pest maintenance plan, which we do offer, but we understand a one-time treatment may be all you need or want. Whatever your needs may be we have you covered with our various treatment options.

The most damaging pests we’ve dealt with in the Colton area to date include rodents, termites, carpenter ants and cockroaches. Rats and mice will chew through anything and can damage wires, electrical equipment and many parts of your home; holes in the walls, cabinets, etc. In addition to all the chewing they do, they also leave their feces behind contaminating everything they encounter. They multiply rather quickly when left untreated and can easily spread to neighboring homes or businesses.

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Whatever pest issue you might be having we are here to help you eliminate them. If you want to save time and money give our professional exterminators a call today. Explain your situation and we can prescribe the best remedy based on your current problem. Get a hassle-free quote or ask us any questions you have today by calling (909) 895-0011 today!

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