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Living in California the many common pests are likely no stranger to you. Termites are among them. Termites are one of the most destructive pests and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to structures each and every year. If you don’t currently have regular treatments or inspections done on your property we encourage you to phone us at (909) 895-0011 today.

colton termite control

Contact our Colton termite control technicians today to keep your property protected.

Termite Swarms in Colton, CA

There are certain times that you’ll notice swarms of termites should they be present on your property. It depends on the type of termite but in general they will swarm when it’s warm and typically after it rains. You might notice a termite swarm during the winter months but only in heated buildings.

Signs of Colton Termites

You can typically spot a termite problem by discovering damage they’ve caused or stumbling across mud tunnels or tubes along the foundation of your property.

Let Our Colton Termite Specialists Help

If you suspect you have termites or have already discovered them or evidence of them it’s time to call on the professionals. Never delay seeking action when it comes to a chance of active termites on your property. The longer you delay the more time they have to continue destroying structure, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

Get a step ahead of these damaging pests by calling (909) 895-0011 and scheduling your termite inspection with Best Colton Pest Control today.

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