Worldwide, there are more than 12,000 species of ants and they all share one trait: they’re unsightly and contaminate food. Amongst the most destructive ants are the fire and carpenter ants. At least 32 deaths in the U.S. alone can be attributed to severe allergic reactions to fire ant stings. In Canada, carpenter ants are considered the most destructive common insect.

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Nearby nests are often located by the rustling sound that the ants make, similar to the sound of crinkling cellophane. Carpenter ants are considered to be one of the most difficult pests to deal with in the pest control industry. Calling us at the first sign of an infestation will help prevent scattering the satellite nests and save you money in the long run.Black carpenter ants are one of the most common. They can range in size from ¼ inch for a worker ant up to ¾ inch for a queen. A carpenter ant colony can contain a population explosion of as many as 10,000 ants. A queen could live 15 years or longer and can lay 70,000 fertilized eggs.

It probably won’t surprise you but the kitchen is a favorite place for ants. Typically your sugar ants and even crazy ants will inhabit a home’s kitchen before any other room in the home. In addition to the food the sink provides a water source. If you’re not diligent about cleaning up crumbs and spills you may be inviting ants in. Keep ants away from the kitchen by storing sweet staples, like sugar, syrup and honey in sealed containers, wiping them down to remove any sticky residue.

Clean up grease, spills and crumbs from counter tops and floors as soon as they happen. Any empty juice or soda containers should be rinsed out before recycling or throwing them away. Always take the trash out instead of letting it sit inside for extended periods as this merely implies you’re begging for a pest problem of some sort. Keep an eye on your sinks and make sure there are no leaks. Without the food sources and desired moisture, there won’t be anything left to attract the ants to your kitchen.

Ants seek out water sources so any areas with excess moisture are susceptible to an ant infestation. Inside the home or property, inspect areas where leaks or drips might occur such as the sinks, toilets and tubs. Outside, check for moisture near structures that may be attractive to ants. Promptly repair any leaks, downspouts, drain lines and air conditioner lines. Some ants nest in wood. So if you have firewood in your yard, make sure to stack it a minimum of 20 feet from your home.

Before you can treat an ant infestation you must first determine what type of ant is invading your home. In order to control the ant infestation we need to first know if we need to bait it (attract it) or repel it. Once we’ve determined the type of ant we can then put a solution to work that will successfully get rid of your ants.

If you have a suspicion or reason to believe your house or yard may be infested by ants, give Best Colton Pest Control a call at (909) 895-0011 to treat your home to ensure they go away and stay away.

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